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Analytical Laboratory Services

If you are in search of a reliable analytical laboratory services in Nashik (Maharashtra, India), then contact us. We are accredited for conducting A to Z analytical laboratory testing services. We have advanced testing machines, equipment and facilities with us that help in conducting an analytical research. We offer a wide array of analytical techniques and thousands of different tests. Our lab technicians help in solving quality issues, supporting research projects, trouble shooting, mitigating risks, etc.

1. Water Analysis :
Drinking and Microbiological water Analysis.
2. Waste Water Analysis:
Industrial Waste Water Analysis - Trade Ef?uent, Domestic Effluent, Etc
3. Soil Analysis.
4. Air Monitoring Analysis:
Ambient Air Monitoring as per National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) Workplace Air Monitoring
5.Noise Level Monitoring
6.LUX Monitoring
D G Set Stack, Process Stacks, Boiler Stacks, Air Emissions Monitoring as per National Air Quality Standard (NAQS)

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